What To Do When Painting Your House

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Only with changing the color of the walls of the house will we be able to modernize the rooms and give a new air with a reduced budget. You should use a Long Island Residential Painter, however, you can do it yourself, but you should be careful when doing your decorating. When choosing colors and the type of paint often many doubts assail us, so let’s see five tips that we should always keep in mind.

  1. The first thing must be to study the light that we have in the room that we are going to paint. At this point the most important is to see how much natural light we receive and how many hours can enjoy it. If we have much light we can afford darker colors and daring as green, red or purple.
  2. After assessing light, space will also play an important role. We must not only look square meters, but the height of the ceilings mark the spaciousness of the room. If we have high ceilings we can play with strong tones and if the ceilings are low we can use the white or draw vertical lines.
  3. Currently in the market we find many types of paintings: water, plastic, adapted for wet areas. The best thing is to consult a professional type of paint is best suited for our needs.
  4. When combining colors can follow a simple rule that says it is best to use a very clear and neutral color in 60% of stay, another more intense in 30% and book contrasting one for small Details (it would be the remaining 10%).
  5. If we are clear that we will paint our house, have professionals help us better choose colors, know how to combine them, what quality paints can find on the market and make sure that the finish is perfect. It is therefore useful to have a hand like directories habitissimum which facilitates the work order several budgets professionals with good references.

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